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Heidi Watney vs. Jenny Dell: Who Do You Prefer?

Battle of the old vs. the new.

Do you prefer newly hired, Jenny Dell, to NESN’s former blonde bombshell, Heidi Watney?

Give me Watney every day and twice on Sunday but that’s just me.


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Heidi Watney Replacement: It’s Official, Welcome Jenny Dell

Multiple sources have been reporting that Jenny Dell is officially signed on to be the Boston Red Sox in game reporter. She will replace Heidi Watney, who will be taking the same job with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Everybody send Jenny Dell a welcome tweet @JennyDellESPN, al though she will have to change her Twitter handle now.

Dell was a cheerleader during her time at UMass Amherst and definitely has the looks to please the male viewers of the Red Sox broadcast’s but I will personally miss the blonde hair, blue eyed Watney as it doesn’t get much better than her.

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Heidi Watney’s Replacement: New Developments

A little while ago, I reported that Jen Royle was set to become Heidi Watney’s replacement as NESN’s in game Boston Red Sox reporter but it appears as though I may have been wrong.

El Presidente, of Barstool Sports, says he is hearing that ESPN’s Jenny Dell is going to be the next “Heidi Watney” per se.

Either women would be a good choice for the job. Both are attractive and have actual merit in the sports broadcasting field.

Dell currently works as on on camera talent for ESPN and would be a welcome addition to the Red Sox broadcast but nothing is official yet and El Presidente did not reveal who he heard the news from. Seeing as he is the editor of a smut blog, it could very well be nothing but it’s all we’ve got as of now.

Here is Dell’s Twitter and Facebook.

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Heidi Watney’s Replacement: Jen Royle?

Heidi Watney’s replacement at NESN may have been found. According to the internets, Baltimore area reporter, Jen Royle, is to be named Watney’s replacement at NESN.

It would make sense as it was announced today that she would not return to her job at Baltimore’s 105.7 the Fan in hopes of returning to her hometown Boston for a job.

“I can’t confirm that I’m making a career move,” Royle said. “But I’ve been away from home for 15 years, and in my heart, I want to replant my roots in Boston.”

Royle seems like she would be a deserving replacement for Watney with plenty of reporting experience and good looks, which seems to be a requirement of female on TV reporters these days i.e. Erin Andrews, Jenn Brown and Samantha Steele.

If the rumors are true, welcome to Boston Jen! You can tweet Jen @Jen_Royle to congratulate her.


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Finding Heidi Watney’s Replacement, Part One: Erin Hawksworth

Both Jason Varitek and Tim Wakefield will not return to the Boston Red Sox in 2012 but the most missed member of 2011 Sox may be in-game reporter Heidi Watney.

The blonde hair, blue eyed beauty, graced NESN audiences for years during the Red Sox telecast but will take the same job with the Los Angeles Lakers and not return to NESN for the 2012 season.

That being said, NESN will now need to find a replacement and every Friday, we will highlight a potential replacement to take you into the weekend until someone is hired.

This weekends candidate, Erin Hawksworth.

Hawksworth spent three years at Boston’s Fox 25 and currently works for the Fox affiliate in Seattle, Wash. She is the sister of Dodger’s pitcher, Blake Hawksworth, potentially giving her insider info on some players, but probably not.

For what it’s worth, Chad Finn of the Boston Globe believes she is the favorite for the job. Oh ya, and she’s pretty easy on the eyes too.

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