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Time to Panic!

Ok folks. It is officially time to panic. Tampa Bay is only 4.5 games back in the Wild Card and the Red Sox are in a downward spiral of bad luck, bad play and injuries including a four game losing streak.

The number one problem right now is pitching. They can’t seem to get quality starts out of anyone but Lester. Bedard can’t seem to pitch long enough to get himself a win, Wakefield is getting shelled, Miller can’t throw strikes and Lackey, well Lackey can’t do anything, including cover first base.

The bullpen is a serious issue. Papelbon and Aceves are the only ones who can get anyone out these days. Even Bard has looked terrible.

Now I am not saying they will miss the playoffs, but I don’t see a deep run. If they end up having to face Texas in the ALDS, I am expecting them to lose that series nine times out of ten.

So yes, it is time to hit the panic button and become Red Sox fans of old. THE SKY IS FALLING PEOPLE!


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What is Wrong with Carl Crawford?

Carl Crawford. The $142-million man. The next great left fielder in Boston Red Sox history. Sucks.

Crawford has 9 hits in 63 at-bats for a glorious batting average of .143. Only two of the nine hits have been for extra bases and he has only walked twice, giving him an OBP of just .182. Without being on base, his speed has yet to be utilized with just two stolen bases.

So what the hell is wrong with Crawford?

I have a couple of theories and here they are…

1.) The bright lights of Boston are just to bright for him. We have seen this many a time, not with the caliber player of Crawford but many a time. Exhibit A, Edgar Reneteria. Renteria was a stud with the Cardinals before coming to the Sox and he just couldn’t hack it in Boston. Exhibit B, Julio Lugo. A Tampa Bay Rays product turn Red Sox who couldn’t hack it in Boston. Coming from a small market to a large market can’t be easy but come one dude you make $20-million a year, suck it up.

2.) He has no real permanent spot in the batting order. Back in Tampa, Crawford was always the two hitter. He knew where he was going to be in the order before going to the stadium. Now in Boston, Crawford has hit anywhere from leadoff to seventh. It is a well known fact that Crawford hates batting lead off. Find this guy a permanent spot in the lineup and he should turn things around.

3.) He misses the hot girls on the beaches of Tampa Bay. Ha ha. No, but really, I would miss that too.

4.) He is just not as good as advertised. Just kidding. He is, he will figure it out, I hope!

What do you think is wrong with Crawford? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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‘Tek Happy Crawford’s in Boston

Photo Credit JPButler.Com

Jason Varitek and Carl Crawford have some what of a rocky past. Crawford stole many bases against Varitek, ran him over at home plate a couple times and broke his foot last season when he fouled a pitch off ‘Tek’s foot. Everything is all good now though according to Crawford.

“We gave each other a hug, buried the hatchet a little bit,” Crawford said. “I let him know, ‘I’m on your side now, so you don’t have to worry about all that.'”

‘Tek jokingly followed up with these comments…

“First, you never let me throw you out,” Varitek said he told Crawford. “Secondly, you run me over at the plate, jacked up my neck. You’re the guy that caused all my neck problems. And then, last year, you fouled a ball off my foot and break my foot. I said, “You’re singlehandedly trying to ruin my career. Thank God you’re here. You just extended my career four years.”

I think all of Red Sox Nation is happy to see Crawford in a Red Sox uniform ‘Tek!

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