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BREAKING: Boston Red Sox Acquire Oakland A’s Closer Andrew Bailey

Andrew Bailey has been acquired by the Boston Red Sox according to a tweet by ESPN’s Buster Olney. All that is known at this point is that Josh Reddick is being sent to Oakland as part of the deal.

The Red Sox are also giving up to young prospects in the deal, Miles head and Raul Alcantera. If this proves to be the official deal, the Red Sox got away with murder here. Bailey has been an all-star caliber closer for the A’s over the past couple years.

Acquiring Bailey also allows a smoother transition for Daniel Bard to the starting rotation as they now have a legitimate closer in the bullpen.

Bravo Ben Cherington, bravo.


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Kelly Shoppach Signing: What it Means for Red Sox Catching Situation

The 2001 second round draft pick of the Boston Red Sox, Kelly Shoppach, is returning to the team after stints with the Cleveland Indians and Tampa Bay Rays. Shoppach and the Red Sox inked a one-year deal worth $1.135 million on Tuesday.

In 2011, Shoppach hit .176 with 11 home runs and 22 RBI in 87 games for the Rays. He also posted an OBP of .268 and slugging percentage of .339.

With Shoppach joining the team for the 2012 season, Jason Varitek’s time in Boston is all but done as the Red Sox will not bring him back to be the teams third catcher. The Captain is a beloved member of Red Sox Nation, apparent by the flooding of tweets Varitek’s wife has been getting, since the Shoppach signing broke, showing support for ‘Tek.

It seems as though the news came as a bit of a shock to ‘Tek and his wife who tweeted “at a loss for words. #RedSox” after the news broke but it could end up being a good thing for the newly weds as Catherine is pregnant.

Varitek is not the only catcher in the Red Sox organization the deal affects. The man who batted No. 5 in the order in the Red Sox’ final game of the 2011 season, Ryan Lavarnway, will now spend the 2012 season as the fulltime catcher in Pawtucket as opposed to backup in Boston.

This is probably for the better as Lavarnway will now have more time to develop his catching skills, something that would not have been available to him as Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s backup in Boston.


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Terry Francona Stepping Down

Unfortunately, multiple sources are reporting that Terry Francona will no longer be the manager of the Boston Red Sox. It sucks that he has to take the blame for this because it was not his fault. Honestly, the Sox will not be the same without him. I actually shed a tear when I heard the news. A sad, sad day for Red Sox Nation.


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LeBron James Partners with Red Sox Ownership…Uh WHAT?

So well-known, Yankee fan, LeBron James has partnered with Red Sox ownership in a marketing deal. Fenway Sports Marketing is now the official marketing company of LeBron James. That just sounds so wrong. Partnering with one of the most hated men in sports? Not a good look John Henry. Not to mention the Heat are probably the Celtics biggest competition for the Eastern Conference title in the NBA.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, I guess? UGH. Not a fan of this deal at all.

LeBron also gets a minority stake in Liverpool Football Club acquired by the Fenway Sports Group last year.


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What the Hell Just Happened?

Photo credit SawxBlog

Not exactly the first weekend Red Sox Nation was looking for. Swept by the Rangers, starting pitching looks HORRIBLE, bullpen looks horrible. Pretty much nothing went right. A few bright spots were Adrian Gonzalez and David Ortiz raking but other  than that just a bunch of crap. The good news is that our next series is against a joke of a team in the Cleveland Indians. Hopefully Josh Beckett posts a good start Tuesday and the Sox get back on track. Once again, it is too soon to panic. There are 159 games left, which leaves plenty of time to catch the first place Orioles. First place Orioles? That just sounds wrong.

But in all honesty, this team will be FINE. Tito needs to figure out the best lineup to put out there, i.e. where to bat Crawford. In my opinion Crawford should be leading off, not batting third and definitely not batting seventh like he did today.

Okay, that is my opening weekend rant. Go Sox!


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Gonzo is the Real Deal

In his first two at-bats with the Red Sox, Adrian Gonzalez is 2-2 with 3 RBI. If Theo isn’t on the phone with Gonzo’s agent right now hammering out that extension he should be fired. Get it done Theo, get it done!

In other news, Jon Lester’s career April struggles continue. Ugh!

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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

It’s Opening Day for the Sox. Time to get this season underway. Good things lay ahead for the Sox and it’s time to put last years season in the rear view. GO SOX!

Opening Day Lineup:

CF Ellsbury

2B Pedroia

LF Crawford

3B Youkilis

1B Gonzalez

DH Ortiz

RF Cameron

C Saltalamacchia

SS Scutaro

P Lester

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