Potential Red Sox Free Agent Target No. 1

With Adrian Gonzalez no longer a member of the Boston Red Sox, there is a glaring hole at first base. Although they received James Loney as a piece in that trade, I don’t see the Red Sox extending him, as his contract is up at the end of this season. That being said, one potential target for the Sox may be Mike Napoli.

The Red Sox killer, as I like to call him, is a catcher by trade but has played plenty of games at first base in his career, including 25 in 2012. Since 2008, he has hit 20 or more home runs in each season (assuming he hits three more this year), which makes him a guy you can put in the black hole that is now the middle of the order. He could also be used at DH if David Ortiz isn’t re-signed, although he likely will be because the Red Sox need his bat.

If for no other reason, I’d like to see the Red Sox sign Napoli so he can stop hitting bombs over the Green Monster when he visits Fenway Park. But in all seriousness, he would be a solid addition that wouldn’t be too pricey for the 2013 Red Sox that will likely miss the playoffs.

This is the first post in a series that will highlight 10 potential free agent targets this offseason for the Boston Red Sox because, well, there really isn’t much else to look forward to. 


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Alfredo Aceves Needs to Go

In the offseason, I was adement about keeping Alfredo Aceves, as he was one of the better pitchers for the Boston Red Sox last season but it seems to have gone a bit too far. It almost appears as though he cares about nobody but himself. First, it was getting suspended for getting pissed off when Bobby Valentine chose Andrew Bailey (the real closer) to close a game instead of him. And then, there was the weird game where he called off Salty and missed the pop up. After, when Dustin Pedroia confronted him in the dugout he argued, and shoed away Bobby V. At this point, it seems as though it has reached a boiling point and they need to let him go at the end of this season even if Bobby V doesn’t come back. No matter how good a pitcher he is, it is now clear he is one of the bad seeds in the club house, so pack his bags and send him on his way.

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Feeling down about the Red Sox season?…


…Jenny Dell says hi.

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Bobby Valentine Radio Rant Reaction

As many of you probably already know, Bobby Valentine went on a bit of a rant on WEEI today, and honestly who can blame him? The guy has probably had the most miserable season of any manager in the history of baseball. His players hate him, his assistant coaches don’t talk to him and his general manager never wanted to hire him.

And is what he said really that bad? Of course, it will be taken out of context by mass media but all he did was sarcastically say that he’d punch Glenn Ordway in the face. For anyone who heard the audio (listen here) it was pretty obvious he was joking.

However, this should be the last straw for Valentine. If ownership doesn’t step up and fire him now, they have no back bone. There is no point in keeping him through  the year unless he is going to manage next year, which he won’t.

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Bobby Valentine: Why Wait?

So there has been rumor upon rumor that Bobby Valentine could lose his job any day now. But then John Henry comes out with a vote of confidence in Valentine today saying that they won’t be making a manager change. Now I don’t know that I entirely believe Henry but it is looking more and more like Valentine will finish the season. My question to that is, why wait? The guy hasn’t done anything spectacular with this team; he isn’t the long term solution and the simple truth is that he shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. However, there is one benefit to waiting because then the Sox can clear house of all their coaches, although I don’t think this will happen. Clearing house is the best thing that could happen to this team, so the group of players, which is likely to stay together due to contractual reasons, doesn’t know a single coach when they show up to Spring Training. These guys need to be as uncomfortable as possible. End of story. So who knows what will happen in the coming days, weeks and months but it is best that Bobby just sail into the sunset now and go make some wrap sandwiches at his restaurant.

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Heidi Watney vs. Jenny Dell: Who Do You Prefer?

Battle of the old vs. the new.

Do you prefer newly hired, Jenny Dell, to NESN’s former blonde bombshell, Heidi Watney?

Give me Watney every day and twice on Sunday but that’s just me.

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Boston Red Sox Ownership: Henry and Co. Have Become Cheap

In an offseason in which a rotten clubhouse was supposed to be fixed, things have only become more confusing at 4 Yawkey Way.

Perhaps the most puzzling move of all was the recent trade of starting short stop, Marco Scutaro, to the Colorado Rockies in return for a pitcher with an ERA north of nine in triple-A last season.

A midst the offseason after the worst September collapse in baseball history, for some strange reason, the front office thought it would be a good idea to trade it’s starting short stop, one of the only reasons the team even won as many games as they did in September.

But the fact that they traded Scutaro isn’t even the most mind boggling thing, it is why they traded him. To free up money to go after other free agents.

In a market such as Boston, freeing up money should not be an issue. The team sells out every home game and is one of the highest earning franchises in sports.

Yet ownership felt the need to rid of Scuatro’s $6-million contract to make room for a few more free agency signings. One being the recently signed outfielder, Cody Ross.

The trade of Scuatro was likely an avoidance of the luxury tax but the Red Sox will likely pay it without him as they still need to sign another starting pitcher.

In 2010, the Red Sox paid $1.49-million in luxury tax, a minute amount compared to the teams spending ability so what is with ownerships reluctance to break the luxury tax threshold this offseason?

Up to this point in the offseason the Red Sox have allotted just $7.85-million to major league contracts and are reluctant to make a one year offer lucrative enough to draw Roy Oswalt to Boston — they reportedly offered Oswalt a one year, $5-million deal.

Has John Henry and company gone cheap?

Quite possibly and it could be directly tied to the purchase of the Liverpool Football Club by the New England Sports Venture — headed by Henry — for $426-million in October 2010.

Now you’d be hard pressed to call them cheap after last offseason, one in which they dished out two $100-million deals to Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford but the group could be feeling the financial now, just a year and a half after the purchase.

Fans and supporters of smaller market teams will probably gripe at this but the fact that ownership is weary about handing out a few smaller one year deals to guys like Oswalt because they don’t want to pay a small amount of luxury tax is ludicrous.

If this trend continues in future years, which I’m not sure it will, there could be reason for worry in Beantown but until then, the Red Sox could be looking at another third place and maybe even a fourth place finish in the AL East if they don’t dish out the dough for a starting pitcher.

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