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Bobby Valentine: Why Wait?

So there has been rumor upon rumor that Bobby Valentine could lose his job any day now. But then John Henry comes out with a vote of confidence in Valentine today saying that they won’t be making a manager change. Now I don’t know that I entirely believe Henry but it is looking more and more like Valentine will finish the season. My question to that is, why wait? The guy hasn’t done anything spectacular with this team; he isn’t the long term solution and the simple truth is that he shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. However, there is one benefit to waiting because then the Sox can clear house of all their coaches, although I don’t think this will happen. Clearing house is the best thing that could happen to this team, so the group of players, which is likely to stay together due to contractual reasons, doesn’t know a single coach when they show up to Spring Training. These guys need to be as uncomfortable as possible. End of story. So who knows what will happen in the coming days, weeks and months but it is best that Bobby just sail into the sunset now and go make some wrap sandwiches at his restaurant.


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Jason Varitek a Red Sox Coach in the Future?

Jason Varitek’s 15-year playing career with the Boston Red Sox all but came to an end when the team signed Kelly Shoppach earlier this week but John Henry hinted that he may return as a coach some time in the future.

For the past couple years it has been speculated that ‘Tek would eventually end up as a coach somewhere and what better place to do it than the place he won two World Series rings as the captain?

With the Chicago Cubs, headed by former GM Theo Epstein, reportedly having interest in Varitek, don’t expect this to happen this year but it wouldn’t be a surprise if he was a coach in the Red Sox system in four to five years.


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LeBron James Partners with Red Sox Ownership…Uh WHAT?

So well-known, Yankee fan, LeBron James has partnered with Red Sox ownership in a marketing deal. Fenway Sports Marketing is now the official marketing company of LeBron James. That just sounds so wrong. Partnering with one of the most hated men in sports? Not a good look John Henry. Not to mention the Heat are probably the Celtics biggest competition for the Eastern Conference title in the NBA.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, I guess? UGH. Not a fan of this deal at all.

LeBron also gets a minority stake in Liverpool Football Club acquired by the Fenway Sports Group last year.


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