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Quote of the Week

At the end of each week I am going to try and post a great quote from someone on the team. With some of the characters on this squad I don’t think I will have any issues.

This week I have two…

In yesterdays game, Papelbon was inserted into the batting order when the Red Sox gave up the DH, this is what he had to say.

“The last time I took pitchers’ batting practice was in high-A ball,” said Papelbon. “I hit 5 out of 10 out.” 

When asked about his slump, Dustin Pedroia responded with this…

“When I get hot, it’ll get ugly.”

I suspect Pedroia will have plenty of quotes in these posts.


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Free Crawford!

Dear Terry Francona,

It is time to free Carl Crawford from the number eight spot in the order. He is hitting over .400 in the month of May and would be much more valuable in the two or five hole. Jed Lowrie has cooled off and can be moved down in the order to make a spot for Crawford. I would prefer you put him in the two hole because Crawford and Ellsbury back to back is unstoppable. Pedroia will have no issue batting fifth because he is the ultimate team player. Make this move ASAP.



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State of the Nation #1

This past week has seen ups and downs for the Red Sox. One day you think they are back on track and winning, as they should, and the next they are losing 14 inning marathons and getting blown out 11-0 the next day.

The week began on Sunday with a walk-off by Carl Crawford against Seattle. Things have since looked up for Crawford, as he is 6-16 at the plate since. The Sox then continued their domination of the Angels winning the first two games of the series but lost a heart breaker in 13 innings and got absolutely blown out of the water, 11-0, in the series finale.

My concerns, once again, lay with John Lackey. He got absolutely shelled in the series finale and the issues he had at the beginning of the season arose again. He was walking and hitting batters left and right. The good news is, the rest of the staff looks good, even Tim Wakefield, who will pitch tonight against the Twins.

The bullpen is also a huge concern with the only effective pitchers being Bard, Papelbon and Albers. Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks have been thrown on the DL because they are “hurt” or because they just suck. Hopefully things turn around.

As of now, I have no concerns with the offense as everyone is really coming around as of late with Crawford’s recent surge. Everyone who should be hitting is hitting, except for Pedroia but he is Pedroia and will snap out of it.

Despite the 14-17 record, I am still expecting big things out of this team. Look for them to head north of the Mendoza line by the end of May and continue to rise in the standings. If we still have a losing record by the end of May, Terry Francona may have the check the heat on his manager’s seat.

One last thought, which game are you more pissed to go to, a Lackey start or a Matsuzaka start? I’d go with Lackey.

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Seven Games, No TV Broadcast

Including todays 1:05PM start against the Phillies, the Red Sox will have played seven Spring Training games without a single one being broadcast on TV. This makes about zero sense to me.

With all the hype of the new faces coming to Boston this season, I want to be able to see their first at-bats in a Sox uniform without having to book a trip to Fort Meyer’s, Florida. Come on NESN. This is Red Sox Nation, people will skip work to watch the first Spring Training game on TV but instead I have to wait until the eighth game of Spring Training to see any live baseball.

I just saw a tweet from Ian Browne saying the only prominent players traveling to play the Yankees tomorrow will be Clay Buchholz, Jason Varitek, Jed Lowrie and Jose Iglesias. So the first game we are going to watch we don’t get to see Pedroia, Youkilis, Big Papi, Crawford, Ellsbury or ANYONE else good. That makes sense. Get on top of your game NESN. This is Red Sox Nation, WE WANT BASEBALL!

Would you watch these games if NESN broadcast them on TV? Share your thoughts in the comment section or vote in the poll…

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Pedroia at His Best

So far at Spring Training down in Fort Meyer’s, Dustin Pedroia has been firing

Photo Credit boston.sportsthenandnow.com

off some great one liners. Here are a few…

While doing cutoff drills with Cuban defector Jose Iglesias.

“Listen to me, you’re with the Red Sox now, and here, I’m Fidel Castro.”

Before Saturday’s game against Boston College.

“We’re going to kick BC’s ass.”

SIDE NOTE: Terry Francona getting in on the action.

On Carl Crawford.

“I told him today, ‘I fucking hated you [in Tampa]; now I love you.” (via @Sean_McAdam)


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Beckett Hit in the Head

Photo Credit Boston Herald

So apparently Josh Beckett was hit in the head with a ball while standing in the outfield earlier today. The culprit is said to be Red Sox staffer Ino Guerrero, who was too lazy to bring shagged balls back to the bucket so he was hitting them with a bat. Well one of those balls nailed Beckett in the head and Beckett was attended to by trainers as he walked off the field holding his head. Beckett is okay but how is this guy not fired? I mean he is trying to take out Josh Beckett. Clearly the Yankees hired him to do this or something. Get him out of Fort Meyers before he starts going after the real important guys like Jon Lester or Clay Buchholz or at least sick Pedroia’s feisty ass on him to teach him a lesson.

UPDATE: I just read that Ino is a friend of Manny Ramirez who is back in the AL East with the Rays. Maybe the Rays hired him to take out Beckett! But in all seriousness, it is being reported that Beckett is okay and was only hit with a stray ball that had bounced.

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Nice Hair Dustin

Photo credit ESPN Boston

A 27-year-old man should not be balding this much. I don’t care what Dustin says he needs to call up Hair Club for Men. Pedroia commented on his hair today.

“The jokes are cool when I’m 20 and losing my hair. But I’m a grown-ass man now. I think it looks solid. My wife likes it.”

Oh, his wife likes it? I may have to do my hair like Dustin from now on then because she is a looker.

Terry Francona was reportedly giving him a hard time about his hair and Dustin fired back with this

“He was pouring water on himself to pretend he was working out, like he was sweating. I might kick his ass before we start.”

Gotta love Pedroia!

In other news, Dustin says he is ready to go.

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