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Nice Hair Dustin

Photo credit ESPN Boston

A 27-year-old man should not be balding this much. I don’t care what Dustin says he needs to call up Hair Club for Men. Pedroia commented on his hair today.

“The jokes are cool when I’m 20 and losing my hair. But I’m a grown-ass man now. I think it looks solid. My wife likes it.”

Oh, his wife likes it? I may have to do my hair like Dustin from now on then because she is a looker.

Terry Francona was reportedly giving him a hard time about his hair and Dustin fired back with this

“He was pouring water on himself to pretend he was working out, like he was sweating. I might kick his ass before we start.”

Gotta love Pedroia!

In other news, Dustin says he is ready to go.


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