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Daniel Bard Wants to Start, Supported by Manager and GM

During an appearance of Rob Bradford’s, of WEEI, podcast, Daniel Bard expressed his desire to start for the Boston Red Sox in 2012.

With John Lackey out for the season due to Tommy John surgery and Tim Wakefield likely not returning, there are two vacant spots in the starting rotation and Bard wants one of them.

“I told Ben [Cherington] when I heard [John] Lackey was having surgery and [Tim Wakefield] is a free agent, I saw two openings in the starting rotation,” said Bard, who initially was a starter as a Red Sox minor leaguer. “The last two years I haven’t said it much, but in my own head, just watching the guys in this league that have had a lot of success in a starting role, I just felt like I could do that. I’ve got as good or better raw stuff as them. I try to keep myself in good shape. I felt like everything I have at this point, that I could have success in that role. So, I told Ben that.”

But when Jonathan Papelbon signed with the Philadelphia Phillies, Bard believed the opportunity to start was no longer an option as the team would need him to close.

It turns out Bard’s assumption was wrong as the Red Sox and new manager Bobby Valentine want him to start as well.

“It turns out they feel pretty strongly about me trying to be a starter, and I do, too. So, as of right now, that’s how it stays.”

Bard has been extremely successful as a reliever with a 2.88 career ERA but came into the Red Sox organization as a starter and pitched in the College World Series as a starter for the North Carolina Tar Heels.

If Bard can make the successful transition to starting, all the Red Sox would have to find in free agency is a fifth starter, a lot easier than s


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Mr. Double Talk Interviews the Red Sox

I just saw this on Barstool Sports and had to share it. It’s one of the funnier things I have seen in a while. This guy “Mr. Double Talk” just spits absolute jibberish at these guys and some of them clearly don’t know it’s a joke. At one point it seems as though Daniel Bard is legitimately getting pissed off. It turned out it was a joke played on the team by John Smoltz. Take a look at the video below…

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Words can’t describe what just happened. We are now 0-6. Lester pitched a gem, Bard blew it, Darnell MacDonald now has ownership of the bonehead play of the year. Get your shit together Sox, this whole losing thing is getting REAL old.

If you missed what MacDonald did, watch here.

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Daniel Bard: Music or Baseball?

As I was surfing the web for blog ideas I came across this hilarious interview between WEEI’s Rob Bradford and Daniel Bard. Bard has a striking resemblance to Charles Kelly from Lady Antebellum. Bradford and Bard joked about how Bard lives a double life as Daniel Bard and Charles Kelly. With the Grammy Awards last night, Bard joked about getting text messages backstage at the Staples Center from teammates congratulating him on winning a couple Grammy Awards. Who knew Bard was such a comedian?

Watch the entire interview in the video above.

Photo Credit Zimbio

How closely do you think Bard resembles Kelly? Vote in the poll below.

Photo Credit Boston Herald

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Daniel Bard a Starter?

Photo credit Associated Press

Daniel Bard was asked yesterday if he views himself as a starter or a reliever? Being a reliever, you’d think that would be his response but it wasn’t. Here is what Bard said…

“I see myself as a pitcher.”

Bard went on to say that he would like to try starting some day.

“I kind of would like to try it. It’s something I would like to do. It would kind of challenge myself. You’ve never proven yourself, but I know I can do the reliever thing for myself, just as a personal challenge, [starting] would be cool.”

The last time Bard started was back in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. With the acquisitions of Bobby Jenks and Dan Wheeler this could be real possibility but Bard is best fit to be the heir apparent to Jonathan Papelbon.

Do you think the Sox should test out Bard in the starting rotation? Vote in the poll or leave a comment…

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