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“Everything in my life sucks right now, to be honest with you.”

Yea, including your pitching you bum. Shape up or ship out. We don’t care about the rest of your life, just what you do on the mound and an 8.01 ERA just aint cutting it. At this point your just about as valuable as a Sega Dreamcast, so just shut up and go out and earn your $82.5-million.

Lackey tried to find a silver lining after his shelling tonight at the hands of the Blue Jays.

“I don’t know what happened tonight,” Lackey said. “I threw the ball way better than I did my last start.”

You know what? No you didn’t because they hit the crap out of you and you sucked. A loss is a loss. You didn’t throw well. End of story. You were the biggest mistake of Theo’s career and that is saying something considering he has signed the likes of Julio Lugo, Edgar Renteria, Eric Gagne etc…


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State of the Nation #1

This past week has seen ups and downs for the Red Sox. One day you think they are back on track and winning, as they should, and the next they are losing 14 inning marathons and getting blown out 11-0 the next day.

The week began on Sunday with a walk-off by Carl Crawford against Seattle. Things have since looked up for Crawford, as he is 6-16 at the plate since. The Sox then continued their domination of the Angels winning the first two games of the series but lost a heart breaker in 13 innings and got absolutely blown out of the water, 11-0, in the series finale.

My concerns, once again, lay with John Lackey. He got absolutely shelled in the series finale and the issues he had at the beginning of the season arose again. He was walking and hitting batters left and right. The good news is, the rest of the staff looks good, even Tim Wakefield, who will pitch tonight against the Twins.

The bullpen is also a huge concern with the only effective pitchers being Bard, Papelbon and Albers. Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks have been thrown on the DL because they are “hurt” or because they just suck. Hopefully things turn around.

As of now, I have no concerns with the offense as everyone is really coming around as of late with Crawford’s recent surge. Everyone who should be hitting is hitting, except for Pedroia but he is Pedroia and will snap out of it.

Despite the 14-17 record, I am still expecting big things out of this team. Look for them to head north of the Mendoza line by the end of May and continue to rise in the standings. If we still have a losing record by the end of May, Terry Francona may have the check the heat on his manager’s seat.

One last thought, which game are you more pissed to go to, a Lackey start or a Matsuzaka start? I’d go with Lackey.

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