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Free Crawford!

Dear Terry Francona,

It is time to free Carl Crawford from the number eight spot in the order. He is hitting over .400 in the month of May and would be much more valuable in the two or five hole. Jed Lowrie has cooled off and can be moved down in the order to make a spot for Crawford. I would prefer you put him in the two hole because Crawford and Ellsbury back to back is unstoppable. Pedroia will have no issue batting fifth because he is the ultimate team player. Make this move ASAP.




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State of the Nation #1

This past week has seen ups and downs for the Red Sox. One day you think they are back on track and winning, as they should, and the next they are losing 14 inning marathons and getting blown out 11-0 the next day.

The week began on Sunday with a walk-off by Carl Crawford against Seattle. Things have since looked up for Crawford, as he is 6-16 at the plate since. The Sox then continued their domination of the Angels winning the first two games of the series but lost a heart breaker in 13 innings and got absolutely blown out of the water, 11-0, in the series finale.

My concerns, once again, lay with John Lackey. He got absolutely shelled in the series finale and the issues he had at the beginning of the season arose again. He was walking and hitting batters left and right. The good news is, the rest of the staff looks good, even Tim Wakefield, who will pitch tonight against the Twins.

The bullpen is also a huge concern with the only effective pitchers being Bard, Papelbon and Albers. Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks have been thrown on the DL because they are “hurt” or because they just suck. Hopefully things turn around.

As of now, I have no concerns with the offense as everyone is really coming around as of late with Crawford’s recent surge. Everyone who should be hitting is hitting, except for Pedroia but he is Pedroia and will snap out of it.

Despite the 14-17 record, I am still expecting big things out of this team. Look for them to head north of the Mendoza line by the end of May and continue to rise in the standings. If we still have a losing record by the end of May, Terry Francona may have the check the heat on his manager’s seat.

One last thought, which game are you more pissed to go to, a Lackey start or a Matsuzaka start? I’d go with Lackey.

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Walk-Off Crawford

After a triple by Jed Lowrie, that bounced off Ichiro’s leg, Carl Crawford crushed a fastball right up the middle to walk-off with the win for the Sox.

This was a huge moment for Crawford and the Red Sox as a team. After seemingly rebounding, the Sox had begun another downward spiral and getting swept at home by the Mariners was not going to help the cause.

Hopefully Crawford can build of his 2-4 day today and start to heat up, with the weather, during the month of May. As of today, we are five games out of first behind the Yankees. Look for the Sox to make up some ground this month and get things back on track. If the Sox don’t have a winning record by the end of May we may have some serious problems on our hands.

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What is Wrong with Carl Crawford?

Carl Crawford. The $142-million man. The next great left fielder in Boston Red Sox history. Sucks.

Crawford has 9 hits in 63 at-bats for a glorious batting average of .143. Only two of the nine hits have been for extra bases and he has only walked twice, giving him an OBP of just .182. Without being on base, his speed has yet to be utilized with just two stolen bases.

So what the hell is wrong with Crawford?

I have a couple of theories and here they are…

1.) The bright lights of Boston are just to bright for him. We have seen this many a time, not with the caliber player of Crawford but many a time. Exhibit A, Edgar Reneteria. Renteria was a stud with the Cardinals before coming to the Sox and he just couldn’t hack it in Boston. Exhibit B, Julio Lugo. A Tampa Bay Rays product turn Red Sox who couldn’t hack it in Boston. Coming from a small market to a large market can’t be easy but come one dude you make $20-million a year, suck it up.

2.) He has no real permanent spot in the batting order. Back in Tampa, Crawford was always the two hitter. He knew where he was going to be in the order before going to the stadium. Now in Boston, Crawford has hit anywhere from leadoff to seventh. It is a well known fact that Crawford hates batting lead off. Find this guy a permanent spot in the lineup and he should turn things around.

3.) He misses the hot girls on the beaches of Tampa Bay. Ha ha. No, but really, I would miss that too.

4.) He is just not as good as advertised. Just kidding. He is, he will figure it out, I hope!

What do you think is wrong with Crawford? Vote in the poll and leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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Jed Lowrie is a STUD

Photo credit to Boston Dirt Dogs

Was I right or was I right? Before the season began I said that Terry Francona made the wrong decision naming Marco Scutaro his starting short stop in January. Lowrie has started the season 16-29 and was the spark plug that led the Red Sox to their third victory of the season Saturday. Thank god Tito came to his senses and started Lowrie again at short stop. Keep the man in the starting line up! He is the hottest bat on the team right now. Bat him in the leadoff spot and throw Crawford down in the order. He is like two for a million from the leadoff spot, just awful.

In other news, TWO WINS IN A ROW BABY. Today’s win puts the Sox at an amazing 4-10. WOO!


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Josh Beckett is back baby! He had 10 K’s last night against the Yankees, out dueling the southpaw Pillsbury Doughboy C.C. Sabathia. Taking two out of three from Yankees sure does ease the pain of starting the season 2-7. Seeing Beckett pitch like his old self reassures me that this team will be just fine. If our NUMBER FOUR starter can strike out 10 and only allow two hits against the high powered Yankees lineup, we will be just fine. Also Papelbon has been lights out this season, just as I had predicted before the season started. Have faith Red Sox Nation, the boys are back. I smell a win streak!

Oh ya, one more thing. Can we please find a perminent spot in the lineup for Carl Crawford that isn’t lead-off? He is like 0 for a million since being put in lead-off. Dude couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat right now. Put Ellsbury back in leadoff and find a place for the slumping Crawford.

Until next time, Go Sox!

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What the Hell Just Happened?

Photo credit SawxBlog

Not exactly the first weekend Red Sox Nation was looking for. Swept by the Rangers, starting pitching looks HORRIBLE, bullpen looks horrible. Pretty much nothing went right. A few bright spots were Adrian Gonzalez and David Ortiz raking but other  than that just a bunch of crap. The good news is that our next series is against a joke of a team in the Cleveland Indians. Hopefully Josh Beckett posts a good start Tuesday and the Sox get back on track. Once again, it is too soon to panic. There are 159 games left, which leaves plenty of time to catch the first place Orioles. First place Orioles? That just sounds wrong.

But in all honesty, this team will be FINE. Tito needs to figure out the best lineup to put out there, i.e. where to bat Crawford. In my opinion Crawford should be leading off, not batting third and definitely not batting seventh like he did today.

Okay, that is my opening weekend rant. Go Sox!


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