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Wakefield Wearing Out Welcome?

Photo credit to Sports of Boston

Tim Wakefield may be one of the most beloved Red Sox in recent history but it is definitely time for the 44-year-old knuckleballer to hang up his cleats.

After his horrendous performance a couple days ago against the Tampa Bay Rays in which he let up four home runs in the span of six batters, Wakefield should sit down with management and discuss his retirement rather than be cut by the Sox, which seems to be inevitable.

Manager Terry Francona was asked if Wakefield would make the team this year and replied with this.

“We’re going to have some interesting decisions to make here come this last week.”

Last season, Wakefield believed he deserved a spot in the rotation over young stud Clay Buchholz. He was delusional then and is delusional now if he thinks he has anything left in the tank to give to this team.

It is time to pass the torch Wake. You will be forever loved here but don’t overstay your welcome, that never works out well for athletes. Just look at Brett Favre.

Do you think Wakefield should call it quits? Share your thoughts in the comments sections and vote in the poll…


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Seven Games, No TV Broadcast

Including todays 1:05PM start against the Phillies, the Red Sox will have played seven Spring Training games without a single one being broadcast on TV. This makes about zero sense to me.

With all the hype of the new faces coming to Boston this season, I want to be able to see their first at-bats in a Sox uniform without having to book a trip to Fort Meyer’s, Florida. Come on NESN. This is Red Sox Nation, people will skip work to watch the first Spring Training game on TV but instead I have to wait until the eighth game of Spring Training to see any live baseball.

I just saw a tweet from Ian Browne saying the only prominent players traveling to play the Yankees tomorrow will be Clay Buchholz, Jason Varitek, Jed Lowrie and Jose Iglesias. So the first game we are going to watch we don’t get to see Pedroia, Youkilis, Big Papi, Crawford, Ellsbury or ANYONE else good. That makes sense. Get on top of your game NESN. This is Red Sox Nation, WE WANT BASEBALL!

Would you watch these games if NESN broadcast them on TV? Share your thoughts in the comment section or vote in the poll…

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Beckett Hit in the Head

Photo Credit Boston Herald

So apparently Josh Beckett was hit in the head with a ball while standing in the outfield earlier today. The culprit is said to be Red Sox staffer Ino Guerrero, who was too lazy to bring shagged balls back to the bucket so he was hitting them with a bat. Well one of those balls nailed Beckett in the head and Beckett was attended to by trainers as he walked off the field holding his head. Beckett is okay but how is this guy not fired? I mean he is trying to take out Josh Beckett. Clearly the Yankees hired him to do this or something. Get him out of Fort Meyers before he starts going after the real important guys like Jon Lester or Clay Buchholz or at least sick Pedroia’s feisty ass on him to teach him a lesson.

UPDATE: I just read that Ino is a friend of Manny Ramirez who is back in the AL East with the Rays. Maybe the Rays hired him to take out Beckett! But in all seriousness, it is being reported that Beckett is okay and was only hit with a stray ball that had bounced.

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Buchholz Worth Every Penny

Photo Credit Providence Journal

So Forbes Magazine printed an article yesterday about the best MLB pitchers for their buck and what do you know, Clay Buchholz of our beloved Boston Red Sox was second. Forbes calculated this by using Baseball ProspectusValue Over Replacement metric. A pitcher’s VORP score equals the number of runs he prevented opponents from scoring over and above what a minimum-salaried replacement would have allowed.

This doesn’t really surprise me since Buchholz makes just $433,000 annually and was in the AL Cy Young conversation all season with 17 wins and 2.33 ERA.

Buchholz was edged out by Colorado’s Ubaldo Jiminez who had a VORP of 61 to Buchholz’s 51.3.

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