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Strange But True

Photo credit softball.org.nz

Sox Sign Kiwi Catcher

This story has two odd parts to it. The Red Sox signed a catcher today from New Zealand. Not normal. To add to the strangeness, Te Wera Bishop, is not a baseball catcher but a softball catcher. Oh yeah, he is only 17-years-old too. Bishop is expected to be in Fort Meyers for Spring Training before heading to Australia for a training camp.

Human Cannonball Headed to Lowell

On July 5, the Lowell Spinners, a Red Sox minor league affiliate, will try and draw a big crowd with its “Human Home Run” promotion. Though technically not a home run, stunt man David Smith Jr., will be launched from home plate into a net just past┬ásecond base. Sounds like fun. Where do I sign up?

You can buy tickets to the game beginning March 15 at the Lowell Spinners Web Page.


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