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Terry Francona Stepping Down

Unfortunately, multiple sources are reporting that Terry Francona will no longer be the manager of the Boston Red Sox. It sucks that he has to take the blame for this because it was not his fault. Honestly, the Sox will not be the same without him. I actually shed a tear when I heard the news. A sad, sad day for Red Sox Nation.



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Free Crawford!

Dear Terry Francona,

It is time to free Carl Crawford from the number eight spot in the order. He is hitting over .400 in the month of May and would be much more valuable in the two or five hole. Jed Lowrie has cooled off and can be moved down in the order to make a spot for Crawford. I would prefer you put him in the two hole because Crawford and Ellsbury back to back is unstoppable. Pedroia will have no issue batting fifth because he is the ultimate team player. Make this move ASAP.



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Surprise, Surprise

Well, Tim Wakefield sucked again tonight, no surprise there. This has been such a streaky team this season. When things go good, they go real good and when things go bad they go real bad. It seems we are either on a winning streak or a losing streak, very frustrating.

In the second inning manager Terry Francona went absolutely ballistic when Wakefield was called for a balk after picking off a runner that would have ended the inning. In some instances, this would light a fire under a team but it had the exact opposite effect, the Sox got blown out of the water. In the process of losing his mind, Francona bumped into crew chief Joe West so it is likely he will be suspended for a couple games, even though it seemed as though West initiated the contact. This is not what this team needs right now. They need their manager to guide them out of this losing streak.

If I can find a quality video of Francona tweaking I will post it because if you missed it, it was must see TV. I have never seen him so angry. With his history of bad health I was half expecting him to drop dead of a heart attack right there on the field.

So here’s to hoping Tito is not suspended and the Sox can get back on track tomorrow.

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State of the Nation #1

This past week has seen ups and downs for the Red Sox. One day you think they are back on track and winning, as they should, and the next they are losing 14 inning marathons and getting blown out 11-0 the next day.

The week began on Sunday with a walk-off by Carl Crawford against Seattle. Things have since looked up for Crawford, as he is 6-16 at the plate since. The Sox then continued their domination of the Angels winning the first two games of the series but lost a heart breaker in 13 innings and got absolutely blown out of the water, 11-0, in the series finale.

My concerns, once again, lay with John Lackey. He got absolutely shelled in the series finale and the issues he had at the beginning of the season arose again. He was walking and hitting batters left and right. The good news is, the rest of the staff looks good, even Tim Wakefield, who will pitch tonight against the Twins.

The bullpen is also a huge concern with the only effective pitchers being Bard, Papelbon and Albers. Dan Wheeler and Bobby Jenks have been thrown on the DL because they are “hurt” or because they just suck. Hopefully things turn around.

As of now, I have no concerns with the offense as everyone is really coming around as of late with Crawford’s recent surge. Everyone who should be hitting is hitting, except for Pedroia but he is Pedroia and will snap out of it.

Despite the 14-17 record, I am still expecting big things out of this team. Look for them to head north of the Mendoza line by the end of May and continue to rise in the standings. If we still have a losing record by the end of May, Terry Francona may have the check the heat on his manager’s seat.

One last thought, which game are you more pissed to go to, a Lackey start or a Matsuzaka start? I’d go with Lackey.

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Jed Lowrie is a STUD

Photo credit to Boston Dirt Dogs

Was I right or was I right? Before the season began I said that Terry Francona made the wrong decision naming Marco Scutaro his starting short stop in January. Lowrie has started the season 16-29 and was the spark plug that led the Red Sox to their third victory of the season Saturday. Thank god Tito came to his senses and started Lowrie again at short stop. Keep the man in the starting line up! He is the hottest bat on the team right now. Bat him in the leadoff spot and throw Crawford down in the order. He is like two for a million from the leadoff spot, just awful.

In other news, TWO WINS IN A ROW BABY. Today’s win puts the Sox at an amazing 4-10. WOO!


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Wakefield Wearing Out Welcome?

Photo credit to Sports of Boston

Tim Wakefield may be one of the most beloved Red Sox in recent history but it is definitely time for the 44-year-old knuckleballer to hang up his cleats.

After his horrendous performance a couple days ago against the Tampa Bay Rays in which he let up four home runs in the span of six batters, Wakefield should sit down with management and discuss his retirement rather than be cut by the Sox, which seems to be inevitable.

Manager Terry Francona was asked if Wakefield would make the team this year and replied with this.

“We’re going to have some interesting decisions to make here come this last week.”

Last season, Wakefield believed he deserved a spot in the rotation over young stud Clay Buchholz. He was delusional then and is delusional now if he thinks he has anything left in the tank to give to this team.

It is time to pass the torch Wake. You will be forever loved here but don’t overstay your welcome, that never works out well for athletes. Just look at Brett Favre.

Do you think Wakefield should call it quits? Share your thoughts in the comments sections and vote in the poll…

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Passing the Torch

Prior to today’s game against the Atlanta Braves, manager Terry Francona announced that Jon Lester will be the Red Sox opening day starter on April 1st against the Texas Rangers.

Based on his performance last season, 19-9 with a 3.25 ERA, the 27-year-old lefty has certainly earned the right to start on opening day.

Francona said this should come as no surprise to Lester as they had discussed it in the offseason.

“I don’t think that’s any surprise, and he’s known about it for a while,” Francona said. “I think he deserves it. I think he has that stature in the game right now where other teams probably look at him as No. 1.”

Lester is taking over for Josh Beckett, whom has started the past two opening days. Beckett struggled mightily this past season with just 6 wins and a 5.78 ERA.

Talking to WEEI, Beckett expressed his support for Lester as the opening day starter.

“The big lefty, he’s earned the right,” he said. “If they want him to start Opening Day, that’s his deal. It’s a big honor.

The time has definitely come for Beckett to pass the torch to Lester.

It’ll be interesting to see who follows Lester in the rotation. If it were up to me, I’d have Clay Buchholz, Beckett, John Lackey and Dice-K.

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