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EPIC Security Takedown At Fenway

Sign this guy up to be a pass rusher for the Pats. Perfect tackle.


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Good News for Gonzo

Adrian Gonzalez took 20 swings off a tee yesterday and said he feels good.

Photo Credit Sports Illustrated

“It felt good,” he said of his brief tee session. “The shoulder is healthy, so it’s just like normal. The only thing I had a concern with was the first couple of swings to see how it would respond. Once the first two swings felt great, I felt like taking 18 more swings.”

Coming off shoulder surgery in the winter, it was unknown when Gonzalez would be able to swing a bat. Manager Terry Francona said the plan is to have Gonzo take 20 swings off the tee for three days, give him a day off and then re-evaluate the situation.

The fact that Gonzo is swinging is great news for the Red Sox. This guy has the potential to be an absolute monster playing in Fenway Park. With the short wall in left field, he has the potential to hit many more home runs then he would have in the pitcher friendly Pet Co Park in San Diego.

I am projecting Gonzalez to hit 39 home runs this season if he can stay healthy.

What are your thoughts on my projection? Leave your comments below and vote in the pole…

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