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Bobby Valentine Radio Rant Reaction

As many of you probably already know, Bobby Valentine went on a bit of a rant on WEEI today, and honestly who can blame him? The guy has probably had the most miserable season of any manager in the history of baseball. His players hate him, his assistant coaches don’t talk to him and his general manager never wanted to hire him.

And is what he said really that bad? Of course, it will be taken out of context by mass media but all he did was sarcastically say that he’d punch Glenn Ordway in the face. For anyone who heard the audio (listen here) it was pretty obvious he was joking.

However, this should be the last straw for Valentine. If ownership doesn’t step up and fire him now, they have no back bone. There is no point in keeping him through  the year unless he is going to manage next year, which he won’t.


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